2017 Annual Report

Society for Enhancement of Quality of Life (SEQL)

Annual Report For The Year 2017

offering educational programs to increase the awareness and expression of the qualities of soul and the strength of group soul, to reveal the One Life, and to help people live more effectively in their everyday lives to bring a finer aspect of Life to the New World Community

For centuries, philosophers and religious leaders have spoken about the oneness of humanity, the wholeness of humanity.  “One human family” has become a common phrase and today it is expressed by the many international cooperative agreements on trade, security and foreign aid, and by the millions of person to person connections enabled by the expanded means of global communications.  But there is an increasing awareness that the human family is but an element of one universal life, an awareness once expressed by the Delphi Oracle proclaiming, “Know thyself and thou shalt know the universe,” an awareness now being strengthened by science.  Einstein said that everything is energy and a human being is a part of the whole called the Universe, and now research is shining light on those words.  For example, studies at the Institute of HeartMath have demonstrated that a person’s electromagnetic field can be detected and can have an effect on another person at a distance.  A large number of well-controlled studies have shown how small coherent groups using Transcendental Meditation can have a positive effect on the quality of life of the surrounding community.  Research by the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University, an international multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists and engineers has shown that collective attention can create order in the world and that subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth.  Thus, science is beginning to give substance to the many spiritual perspectives that tell us humanity is part of One Universal Life.

Our work in SEQL aligns with the One Universal Life perspective.  We are exploring, even more deeply than before, the energies of Life which are the causes behind our individual and collective behaviours.  We are learning to be more sensitive to these energies, to interpret them more precisely and to express them more fully and more clearly in service of a more unified world.  We regularly practice the SEQL Group Service Meditation in order to strengthen the coherence of the group and the quality and depth of the group action of bringing a healing to the energy field of humanity.

In 2017, the Society completed its twentieth year of operation.  During that time approximately one hundred and fifty people have participated in the Society’s programs.  The current SEQL Group now numbers more than 50 regular course participants.  Many have returned to courses every year for several years, creating a solid, coherent core group.  All of our courses are tuition-free with a nominal charge of $50.00 per course member to cover a few administrative and meeting expenses.  Retreats are offered at cost of accommodations.  All our course leaders and the many who help with program management are unpaid volunteers who contribute about 2500 hours of their time during the year.  Our thanks go to them and to all our course members as we together steadily build a brighter radiation of the light of One.

Blair Little,  President

February 28, 2018

Society for Enhancement of Quality of Life (SEQL)

7173 Skyline Close, Saanichton, BC   V8M 1M4  Canada       http://www.seql.net      seql@shaw.ca

Appendix to the 2017 Annual Report

Programs offered during 2017 – 2018 Course Term

Courses based in the Victoria, BC Region.

Ten-weekend Courses

  1. Expanding The Intuition: Living Peace
  2. Esoteric Communications: Living Your Deep Identity
  3. Esoteric Astrology III
  4. Ontology and Energy Training

Study Groups

  1. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Weekly All Day Meetings
  2. Glamour: A World Problem – Weekly Evening Meetings
  3. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali I – Bi-monthly afternoon meetings
  4. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali II – Bi-monthly afternoon meetings

Monthly Meditations

  1. Full Moon Meditations
  2. Public Group Service Meditation Evenings – first Monday of each month, except July, plus a second December evening near the solstice.

Email Correspondence Courses

  1. The Global Group: Discovering Soul’s Journey
  2. Sounds Like Soul: Knowing Ourselves as Energy – six courses
  3. i) SLS 2;   ii) SLS 4;   iii) SLS 8;   iv) SLS 10;   v) SLS 12;   vi) SLS Summer program

In-Residence Retreats (away from the city)

  1. April – four days
  2. September – four days

Texts for the courses include: several books by Alice A. Bailey; Martin Muller, Prelude to the New Man;  Martin Muller, Class Transcripts; The Agni Yoga Series, Leaves of Morya’s Garden, Other texts as appropriate.

All courses are open to anyone willing to undertake the course requirements.  The ten-weekend courses are held from September to the end of May, each course representing about 120 class hours with substantial pre-class preparation.  The study groups meet from September to the end of May and periodically through the summer months with individual study and preparation between the meetings.

Members of the email courses connect with their own course group members on regular one-week or three-week cycles of assignment, preparation and reporting.  Some email course members are also members of the Victoria course groups.

Three times during the year members of all of the courses, including email course members who live within travelling distance of Victoria, come together for a weekend as a large integrated class.

Detailed descriptions of the basic curriculum are provided at www.seql.net

Guiding Principles of the Society’s Educational Programs

  1. The purpose of our learning is to serve by bringing a finer aspect of life to humanity.
  2. Serving is using the power of soul for the benefit of others.
  3. Our service is much greater when we are aware of group strength.
  4. One part of the path toward group awareness and group service is daily practice of our Group Service Meditation.
  5. Study, meditation and service are our fundamental practices.
  6. Individuals are responsible for their own knowing.
  7. Every person is a learner and a teacher at all times.
  8. We are disciples of intelligence.
  9. We seek strength in diversity, harmony in action.
  10. We learn to Live Soul, Act Group, Reveal One.

Board of Directors

Blair Little       President          Michael Jones        Vice President

Margo Rush    Secretary          Lynne Ronneseth  Treasurer

Ann Harley     Director           Susan Norman        Director