Course One (not offered in 2020-21)

Expanding The Intuition: Living as Soul 

A course of esoteric studies presented by Society For The Enhancement of Quality of Life (SEQL)

We welcome all persons who are searching for greater meaning in life and are seeking to make living more practical in this time of great change.

Our 10-weekend program serves to develop and strengthen our capacity to live an intuitive lifestyle. We will learn how to contribute and draw upon the inherent strength of group dynamics and support. We will come to know ourselves as multi-dimensional beings and discover our place in the ever-expanding Universe. Our goal is to serve the upliftment of our fellow human beings and all kingdoms of nature. We seek to recognize and reveal the underlying unity of all life as we become conscious, willing participants in the unfolding evolutionary scheme of life.

The learning process includes the study of challenging readings, group discussions, meditations, and exercises to become aware of energy forces.

Course Leader: Brian Martin with co-facilitation by Sheilaigh Allan

The primary text for the course is Alice A. Bailey, “A Treatise on White Magic”. “Shine Forth: the Soul’s Magical Destiny” by William A. Meader will also be referenced. Other materials will be distributed in class.

For information about the 2021-22 Course Year, please contact Brian at (778) 430-1872 or email him at

This course is one of several weekend and email educational programs offered by SEQL. It is a prerequisite to the other weekend courses. You can view all of SEQL’s programs on other pages of this website.