Course One

Expanding The Intuition: Living Peace

A course of esoteric studies presented by: Society For The Enhancement of Quality of Life (SEQL)

We invite men and women who are searching for greater meaning in life and seeking practical ways to achieve more peaceful and productive living to engage in an 11-weekend program to strengthen their intuitive capacities and thereby increase their awareness of the fact of soul and bring soul insight and action into their everyday lives.

The learning process includes the study of challenging readings, group discussions, meditations, and exercises to become aware of energy forces. Insights into the Course are described below in the words of some past students.

There are assignments that require up to six hours of study and meditation a week between the weekend meetings. The first class weekend is September 7 – 8, 2019; others follow approximately once per month until the weekend of May 30 – 31, 2020. The full weekend schedule is listed below. The sessions build on one another so it is important to attend every weekend.

The Course Leader is Kevin Ronneseth.  Times: Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Location: 1270 Topaz Avenue, Victoria, BC Course Fee: $50 – one time only for meeting expenses

The primary text material for the Course is Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic. A limited number of copies are available from SEQL through Kevin Ronneseth.  Available also through bookstores (often by special order) or through Lucis Publishing, New York. Ph: (212) 292-0707. Other materials will be distributed in class.

You are invited to attend an Evening Introductory Session on August 30th, 2019 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm at 1270 Topaz Avenue where you can learn more about the Course before making a commitment to attend.

To register for the Course or for the Introductory Evening, or for further information, please phone Kevin at (250)385-1273

Course Schedule 2019 – 2020

2019 2020
Sept.   7 – 8 Jan.    4 – 5
Oct.    5 – 6 Jan. 25 – 26
Nov.   2 – 3 Feb. 22 – 23
Nov. 30 – Dec. 1 Mar. 28 – 29
Apr. 18 – 19
May  9 – 10

May  30 – 31

This course is one of several weekend and email educational programs offered by SEQL. It is a prerequisite to the other weekend courses. You can view all of SEQL’s programs on other pages of this website.

Here is what some past students have said about: Expanding the Intuition: Living Peace

     N. In this program, I learned esoteric principles that offer ways and means to live life more consciously and peacefully within myself and with others. I learned the importance of service to humanity, and I came to understand the creative nature of one’s mental energy.

SEQL has taught me to get in touch with the intuitive part of myself – to come from a place of love, and live a soul-filled life.

     I. It is about:

  • using a process called “quiet practice” to strengthen the heart and clarify the mind
  • learning to let your soul’s light shine through your personality
  • the pursuit of joy
  • expanding your intuition and your spiritual awareness
  • creating a connection to the divinity within
  • working with and aligning your personality for the soul to be able to manifest the Plan on earth, and to be in service with humanity
  • relating to all things on this planet from a calm, centred and dispassionate view, framed in a context of love from the heart
  • facilitating the peace process in the world through group action, both esoterically and exoterically
  • lifting the veil of illusion and seeing the truth

     K. The course includes reading selected passages in Alice Bailey’s book, A Treatise on White Magic and doing assignments on these sections. The book is very abstract. You can take from it what you wish, and write about what the passages have meant to you. The course includes discussions in the small group of persons enrolled, as well as discussions a few times in the larger group of 25 to 30 people who have been in SEQL courses for several years. You learn to meditate in a group as well as individually at home. To me the beauty of these groups is that you don’t have to fit your ideas, beliefs, or opinions into a particular ideology, yet the discussions are structured enough to help you focus. I think one of the basic premises of SEQL is that you have within you a higher level of perceiving and reacting to the world. The function of the group leader, group interaction, meditation, readings and assignments is to facilitate that higher sense of being. If there is a belief in the course, it is that you have within you an ability to nurture and further develop your intuition, imagination, creativity and communication, a capacity to love individuals and mankind, and to be of service to others.

     P. Through readings, discussions and meditation, intuition expands and one begins to recognize the soul energy within. As opposed to our self-interest and concrete mind preoccupations, one begins to be aware of intuitive capacities and insights which are of a higher level of consciousness. We begin to appreciate the qualitative differences between living our life and acting out of self-interest (or the lower-mind) versus living our life with love intention and acts of service emanating from a higher level of consciousness. In the higher level, our intentions are more in tune with our creator, our universe or the light of the world. The source of our energy is pure (not mixed with our ego or baser needs). We begin to learn about detachment from our bodily needs and sensations as well as our mental prejudices. Developing detachment means taking on a more objective, peaceful outlook which positively affects our judgement. Our outlook is more heart-centred. To be in loving service of others can be very much removed from our personality wishes, desires or needs. A “thought form” can become a blueprint from which actions can follow. Thought forms on a higher level of consciousness can benefit the energy of others. They can help you to act in a more loving detached way (a higher level of benefit). Thought forms can carry revelation to the thinking of human beings. When old thought forms break down and new ones are created, conflict is heightened in the world. As old ideas begin to crumble, new thought forms come into being that disturb and conflict with the old. We are leaving the era of the spirit of individualism (which creates separateness) and entering the era of new group consciousness and universal consciousness. Love is the highest level of consciousness.