Course Two

Refining the Intuition: Living Your Deep Identity

The focus of the course is the study of the qualities of the seven rays and how they control the life, consciousness and appearance of a human on the physical plane. Our study of the rays throws light on the unfolding panorama of history, clarifies our knowledge as to the nature of man, and helps us develop a better understanding of ourselves and others. Our intuitive capacity expands and refines as we work to grasp and know at the deepest level, the esoteric world that underlies our outer world.
From the point of view of esoteric psychology, evolution is the evolution of consciousness, by which the imbedded fragment of the soul within the personality progressively identifies its spiritual source and becomes at-one with it. (Partly from Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Psychology I)

The primary text material for Course Two is Esoteric Psychology I and Esoteric Psychology II, by Alice A. Bailey, available through bookstores or through the publisher, Lucis Publishing ( see links ). Other study materials are provided.