Follow-on Courses

Increasing Group Awareness: The Path to Soul Service

This series of courses integrates the work of the preceding three years and forges a foundation for students to increase their capacities for soul action in order to manifest the Universal Plan in service of humanity and the Christ Impulse. The capacity for soul action is revealed and developed through the mastery of specific technologies for handling the energies which underlie form.

The texts for these courses vary from year to year and have included texts by: Martin Muller, Prelude to the New Man: An Introduction to the Science of Being, available through SEQL; and by Alice A. Bailey available through bookstores or from Lucis Trust, including: Discipleship in the New Age, Esoteric Healing, The Rays and The Initiations, Esoteric Astrology, The Light of The Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with commentary By Alice A. Bailey; and other study materials.