Sounds Like Soul – email Course

Sounds Like Soul: Knowing the Self as Energy

The purpose of the course is to help people become more aware of the qualities and functions of the energies which impact humanity so they can use more deliberately and with precision the energy systems that constitute a human being. The learning is based on listening, with weekly instructions, to assigned programs of music so we can recognize different vibrational qualities and resonances that animate our energy bodies and centres and produce effects in our everyday lives.

Course Schedule

Members of the course receive, by email, weekly schedules of daily music programs and meditations accompanied by specific listening suggestions or instructions. At the end of each day’s session, members make a note of their experiences and learning and at the end of each week they distribute their notes to all the other course members. The course requires about 30 minutes per day – about 20 minutes of listening and meditation, then a few minutes to write notes – plus about 10-15 minutes at week’s end to contemplate, write and distribute a Weekly Review. The course begins September 14, 2020 and continues every week for twelve months with a less structured program June to September, 2021. The course is open to anyone who has access to the Internet, regardless of previous experience in esoteric studies. There is no fee for the course.

If you would like to join the Sounds Like Soul course, or would like more information, please contact by September 1st, 2020.

In order to help you decide if you are ready to engage in the Full Year Course, you can register for one or two trial sets of Sounds Like Soul Programs in July and August. Each trial set is a 4 week sample of the regular program. To enroll in a Summer Trial, please contact before June 24th to get the instructions you need to get started, including arrangements to obtain the required music.