Sounds Like Soul – an email Course

An email correspondence course offered by Society for the Enhancement of Quality of Life (SEQL)

You are invited to join a group of cooperative learners in a course designed to increase awareness, sensitivity and knowledge of the qualities and functions of the energies which impact humanity so that, in service of humanity, we can live more deliberately and more effectively.

Anyone willing to commit to following the course process is eligible to enroll. There is no other pre-requisite and there is no course fee.

It is well established scientifically and widely understood that everything in the world is energy in action.  Whether an animal, a plant, a piece of granite, a human being or the air that we breathe, all is energy vibrating at different frequencies and having different effects.  Thus if we are to know the reality that lies behind our external living, we need to become more aware of the qualities and functions of the underlying energy systems that affect a human being.  If we can come to know these energies and become sensitive to their effects on how we and the world around us works, we will be able to create our lives more consciously, with more precision and with a fuller expression of the love of soul in service to others.

The learning is based on a program of assigned daily music listening (tuning to different frequencies) and meditation, as well as daily journaling of our listening experience and our energy learning.  There are also short reading assignments to give some basic background information.

Read the comments of some recent Sounds Like Soul course members below.

Course Process:  About every two to four weeks, Sounds Like Soul course members receive, by email, a daily schedule of specific music listening and meditation, with specific suggestions or instructions that all course members follow.  At the end of each day’s session, course members make a note of their experience of the session. At the end of each week, they distribute by email, to all other course members, a report of their daily experiences and a summary of their learning for the week.  A list of CDs required for the course and the week they will first be needed will be distributed after registration along with a note on how some students have arranged to share their CDs.

The time commitment is about 30 minutes per day – about 15 to 20 minutes of listening and meditation, then a few minutes to write notes – plus about 20 minutes at week’s end to contemplate, write and distribute a Weekly Review.  The Course begins September 14th, 2020 and continues every week until the beginning of summer.  Before you register, please be sure you are comfortable with the requirement of a daily assignment and a Weekly Review.  The exchange of experiences among members is a valuable part of the learning, so any missed assignment means all will lose. However, an occasional missed day will not interfere seriously with the process.  If you really need to miss the assigned listening for an extended period for travel or vacation, etc., other arrangements may be possible to accommodate your schedule.

To register for the Sounds Like Soul Course or for more information, please write to by September 1st, 2020.  The course will begin September 14th, 2020

This is one of several email correspondance courses offered by SEQL.

Comments from recent Sounds Like Soul course members:

~ I am so glad I made time to do Sounds Like Soul this year. The music assignments helped me to finally begin to meditate every day.  My quality of life has notched up significantly for having spent a relatively short time each day – more moments of love and compassion and a sense of loving connection with the rest of humanity.

~ With new ways of experiencing and being, a new world began to open up for me.  Now Sounds Like Soul is what I do on a daily basis.  I have integrated the practices into my day and cannot imagine any more what my days would look like without this connection to my SELF and Group.

~ What I had been studying over the last decade, which had been interesting knowledge, has taken on new meaning in so far that much of what I understood in theory has now become true knowing through experiencing – a knowing beyond book knowing.  I am looking forward to another new and mind-expanding year.

~ Sounds Like Soul supports the deepening of one’s relaxation and awareness in order to bring a richer, clearer tone to the tune of Life, no matter where or what one is singing.

~ In the Sounds Like Soul course, ‘expect the unexpected’.  I’m more open to experiences both in meditation and in my life.  I believe it was the daily sitting in meditation that allowed me to release some of that ‘need to know’.

~ It has been said “that the ‘music of the spheres’ holds all Life in being.”  The Sounds Like Soul course is an enriching esoteric tool that awakens one’s sensitivity to the creative power of sound, of Life itself, the Whole of which we are a part.  I also found it helped my body to relax and heal while experiencing post surgical pain and medication.  Having a specific assignment every day also does wonders for disciplining the personality.

~ This course is invaluable to help us realize who we, as humans, truly are, and how and why we are an integral part of this vast Universe and how life is intertwined in ONENESS.

~ No other single activity can compare to the impact Sounds Like Soul has had on my esoteric awakenings.  This program has been, and I expect it to continue to be, the most effective teachings, with resulting actions, I have lived.

~ The course certainly raised my awareness of how different centres are affected, and how the music supports awareness through the resonances and vibrations set up.  It has increased my ability to achieve a calmer, more accepting sense of integration.

~ It has opened up a whole new reality for me.  A life altering experience!!